“Anti-Gravity” Obstacles and Conceptual Arts.

Attention everybody! You are all invited on December 16th to a very special Toys for Tots Christmas event at the Grand Strands largest obstacle course training facility, “Anti-Gravity” Obstacles and Conceptual Arts.

Marine Corps JROTC cadets from Columbia, SC will be participating as we start the morning off with a fun indoor obstacle course race as part of Anti-Gravity’s grand opening.

Anti-Gravity features 15 indoor obstacles and 20 outdoor obstacles. Each obstacle presents very different fun challenges. Can you master them all?

Bring a toy and run both obstacle courses for free, or join the obstacle course competition for only $10 and a chance at winning the cash pot prize for the fastest time.

  • Anti-Gravity will be giving 25% off discounted memberships for the first 3 months and waiving registration fees to everybody who signs up on the day of our grand opening.

The Devil's Playground features 20 fun and challenging obstacles. Red dim lighting will illuminate the obstacles surrounded by a ground covered in thick fog. Eerie sounds will pierce your ears as you negotiate each obstacle that stands in your way through the Devil's Playground. Creepy and frightening people will taunt you as you make your way through the course. So be vigilant, you never know who might be watching or what scary surprises await you.

Be sure to wear old clothes, the obstacles are optional so you may go around them if you just want to enjoy the thrill of it.

Anybody ages 17 and under must have the waiver signed by a parent or legal guardian to do the obstacles or enter as a non-obstacle runner.

Children 13 and under must be escorted by an adult.

15% of the proceeds will be donated to the Special Operations Wounded Warriors.

To purchase early discounted tickets CLICK HERE.